I am an amateur photographer specialising in military aviation of any era, although as you will see in the galleries, my main passion is the modern "fast Jets",  when not working full time in my normal occupation, I am visiting all manner of aviation sites, from active military airbases to the low flying areas in wales, and as many of the usual airshows that I can get to.


My interest in aircraft began when as a small child when I saw a fly past by the Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial flight - or rather,saw.heard and felt their physical and historical presence as they flew low overhead.


The initial fascination with these aircraft and what they represented led to a wider appreciation of all machines that fly and of the men and women that enable them to do so. particularly the air and ground crews.


Inspired by the power and prescence of military aircraft, graceful or lumbering, I have attempted to master the the skills of photography in order to create a record of the changing world of military aviation.


I have compiled a large personal photo archive , the result of many hours trying to achieve the best portrayals of both men and machine.


Presented to you in the galleries on my site are some of my favourite, and some of my best images I have taken, mostly from the last 5 years, where my photographic skill has reached a level that I think is worthy of sharing with the world, and hope that anyone with a casual interest to a true aficionado enjoys their visit to my site.


Best of all if any of my images encourages another person wether they be an adult, or child to look upwards from the shadow of an overhead machine and to ponder the miracle of mans flight, to hear the cough and rattle of the earliest machines to the echoing roar of the new.


Perhaps to even pick up a camera..................................









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