Royal Air Force 100

        1918 - 2018

In 1918 on the first day of April two separate components of the British Armed Forces - The Royal Flying Corp and the Royal Naval Air Service combined to form  the Royal Air Force, this year marks the 100th anniversary of that event, The Royal Air Force is the oldest Air Force in the world, and ever since it`s formation it has in 100 years built reputation to be proud of, hardly a year has gone past where the RAF has not been called on to put it`s skills to the test, in conflict and in peacetime assisting in all manor of ways, supporting both the British Army and Royal Navy as well our allies Armed Forces in a military role, to assisting in search and rescue on land and sea, and delivering humanitarian aid in natural disasters across the globe.

A few photos from a Grey day in London July 10th 2018, the RAFs 100th anniversary flypast