My Equipment

I have had numerous enquiries about the gear I use, so I thought I would just add it all here for your information. if you have any questions about any of my kit, just drop me an email


I use various other pieces of equipment, Manfrotto Monopod 679B, various Manfrotto heads, I usually always carry an ipad, notebooks and pens, spare batteries, I only use Sandisk Memory cards, cable release.


A Panasonic TZ60 compact, I can mount this on a monopod and wirelessly connect to my ipad using a panasonic app to control the camera, which has a clamp to fix it to the monopod, so I can raise the camera high up and still see what I am shooting.


All my gear is carried in various Lowepro or Tamrac bags which bag depends on just how much gear I want to take.


For the Mach loop, normal hill walking type clothing hat.gloves,waterproof, decent footwear, and a Quecha 2 second pop up tent, highly recomended has taken  quite a beating in wind and rain and not let me down, last and by no means least, food and water are a must.

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